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The Real Miracle isn’t Homeopathy…

By Sarah Davison | January 11, 2017

  When people rave about homeopathy, it’s often because they have used it successfully in an “incurable” health situation: From recurrent cystitis to fibroids, from depression to panic attacks. In fact, at the start of the twentieth century, in US hospitals, doctors used to write “TEETH” on a patient’s notes, when they’d run out of…

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Detox with a Difference

By Sarah Davison | January 5, 2017

  There’s always a lot of talk of detox, at this time of year. And the term ‘detox’ is used to indicate the clearing of physical toxins accumulated from eating things that are heavy on the liver – alcohol, rich food etc. So what would a detox with a difference be? It would be a…

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Symptoms are good

By Sarah Davison | November 8, 2016

  Symptoms are good. I know this statement is a bit shocking, because it is so contrary to conventional thinking. We are brought up believing that symptoms are bad, and we should get rid of them at all costs. So why do homeopaths think symptoms are good? Because symptoms are what your system does to heal…

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Heal your relationships with homeopathy

By Sarah Davison | November 6, 2016

When I say you can heal your relationships with homeopathy, most people respond “How can a homeopathic remedy change a relationship?” My answer is “It can’t. But it can change the person in the relationship. Then the relationship changes too”.  And what I have noticed is, that the people whose relationships change as a result of…

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Homeopathic treatment and the bonus effect

By Sarah Davison | November 6, 2016

What is the bonus effect in homeopathy? It’s when you get more than you bargained…in a good way, from homeopathic treatment.  It happens because homeopathy treats the whole person, not just isolated symptoms. As a result, people often find that things they didn’t ask for help with also improve e.g. sleep, energy, even relationships and career.   I…

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Deeper healing with homeopathy

By Sarah Davison | October 12, 2016

The crash landing scene in Madagascar 2 involves the character Skipper being alerted to a flashing, red light on the cockpit dashboard. He asks for the instruction manual in order, we think, to find out what it means. But instead, he uses it to smash the light, saying triumphantly, “Problemo solved!”  The camera then pans…

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