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The Real Miracle isn’t Homeopathy…


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A free 20 minute call for you to find out how homeopathy could help you, and what to expect from working with me.


When people rave about homeopathy, it’s often because they have used it successfully in an “incurable” health situation: From recurrent cystitis to fibroids, from depression to panic attacks. In fact, at the start of the twentieth century, in US hospitals, doctors used to write “TEETH” on a patient’s notes, when they’d run out of ideas. It meant “Tried everything else, try homeopathy”, because homeopathy had a reputation for succeeding where conventional medicine failed. This is still the case.


In addition, homeopathy was incorporated into the UK’s National Heath System, because of its record in the cholera epidemics of the nineteenth century, where it far outperformed conventional medicine. As a result, homeopathy is often hailed as “miraculous” by those who have benefitted from it. But it’s not really homeopathy that is miraculous. It’s us. Our body and mind, which have this amazing capacity to self-heal.


Think about it. Our body creates itself from scratch, using only chemicals from our Mother’s body and a DNA blueprint. Then throughout our life, it repairs and replaces cells as they die or malfunction. We get new liver cells every 350 days, new gut cells every 4 days, new red blood cells every 120 days. Even our brain cells, have recently been discovered to renew themselves. And to top it all, we have an immune system that fights off invaders.


So all homeopathy does, is kick-start that innate, self-healing mechanism when it gets stuck. Because in homeopathy the pill is just the trigger, not the healing agent.


If you would like to explore how homeopathy could help you with physical or emotional issues, book in for a free, 20-minute consultation.

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Sarah Davison

Sarah became a homeopath after 20 years in the commercial world, in sales and then innovation consulting. She combines her qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychology (Dip. Psych) and Coaching (Synectics & NLP), with homeopathy to provide an inside-out and outside-in approach to facilitating people’s health and wellbeing on all levels - physical, mental and emotional. She is Mum to a teenager, and loves to sing and paint in her spare time.

Free Discovery Call

A free 20 minute call for you to find out how homeopathy could help you,
and what to expect from working with me.

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Sarah Davison 
The Coaching Homeopath

BSc (First Class Hons) Hom, LCHE,
RHom, MARH, Dip. Psych, BA.
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