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“Sarah has been so helpful in dealing with both physical and emotional matters. And I'd say it's a combination of Sarah's really kind but analytical approach together with the remedies that makes her so successful. When I've told friends, I'm often asked if I 'believe' in homeopathy to which I reply "I'm not sure it's a matter of 'belief', but I do know it's worked for me". What I couldn't believe was how quickly Sarah managed to alleviate symptoms that I'd had for years and had come to just accept. I would highly recommend a consultation with Sarah.”


I have a very complex health situation which involves an auto-immune condition, and during my time with Sarah I've managed to come off all conventional medications and I now manage my symptoms homoeopathically, with no side effects. Homeopathy has helped me with mouth ulcers and Candida when they occur, get my period back, and it has really helped me emotionally with recognising the need for boundaries and in managing my relationships better.

Sarah as a practitioner has been wonderfully supportive and attentive. With the most amazing, understanding approach virtually, personally, and via email too!

I'm very thankful for Sarah and her homeopathy expertise!

Thank you!


“I first had a one to one with Sarah just over a year and a half ago, I had met her at a women's networking group and hate to say I had avoided life coaches etc but took her up on her offer of a 1-2-1. My reasoning for this was due to having years of poor mental health I have attended various Counselling, CBT, Occupational Therapy courses which had worked for a time and then I fell back into old habits and routines which usually consisted of an abusive relationship on the side whether that be employer, family, partner or friend I always ended up the victim. Needless to say I was very sceptical of what Sarah had to offer, but she seemed different.

We had an initial consultation where Sarah and I decided how we could work together, what I wanted to achieve and we actually had a lot in common! I was struggling financially and wasn't sure if I could afford to see Sarah on a regular basis but she helped me to work around that too. This relationship was really about how Sarah could benefit me and not how she could make a profit out of the mess that I had gotten myself into.

The first time we had a proper session I broke! explained to Sarah about how I was putting myself in various situations and allowing men to take what they wanted from me and throw me to the side again and again, this had gone on years and I was so tired. I believed that although it might be possible for other people to have happily ever afters that wasn't the path that I was set to walk. After my session I had various 'input' from my friends telling me how homeopathy was just water, a waste of money, not scientifically proven etc etc. but this was what was working for me. I kept going and didn't care if this was a placebo or not it was working and the bit that was working the most was Sarah's support.

So how has my life changed? I year and a half on and I no longer see Sarah, although she is always at the end of the phone and checks in on me from time to time we both felt that I'd give it a go on my own and see how I did without the coaching and remedies. I have a partner that I have been with for a year now and I adore him but most importantly he adores me, for being exactly who I am. I have a better relationship with my mother who I felt suffocated by, but she went to Sarah too and has made some serious changes in her life without either of us knowing what the other has spoken to Sarah about. I am now not working all the hours but making my job work for me and my partner and I are moving in together in January when we are going to be attempting to start a family of our own.

What a difference a person makes!”

Helen, 44, London

"When a friend introduced me to Sarah, I was going through the hardest time of my life and I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result. Through patient, nurtured and well-documented conversations, Sarah managed to get to the bottom of what had over time weakened me and made me so susceptible to certain situations.

We worked through the physical and emotional manifestations of the ailments affecting me and she slowly disentangled one knot after another. She has this rare ability to bring to the surface what you actually implicitly know. By asking a series of very accurate questions, Sarah narrows her quest for the relevant remedy.

A year on and I am in a much better place. Through homeopathy and coaching, Sarah has empowered me to become aware of what can trigger PTSD symptoms, and how to handle them better. A massive thank you for being so gentle and so professional in dealing with my vulnerability with so much understanding and warmth. I am extremely grateful and would never have guessed that a year on I would be where I am, a peaceful place I longed for, but never thought existed."

EH, 25, London

“When I look back to my first session with Sarah, I almost don’t recognise the person I was: unsatisfied, frustrated and weepy, with health complaints that included period pain, skin problems and IBS. With her caring but methodic approach, Sarah transformed me back to my healthy, happy, confident self, unearthing a new lease of life and a regained sense of direction. The combination of life coaching with homeopathic treatment offered me a much needed ‘rebooting’ of body and mind that has brought long lasting and life-changing results for which I shall be eternally grateful.”

LM, 40, Esher

Homeopathy, through Sarah, has taken me on a journey encompassing emotional, psychological and physical changes. It started over 3 years ago when I was stuck in a relationship in a downward spiral of blaming myself for everything that was not working. Due to my state of mind, I was driven to considering anti depressants which is an extreme reaction for me! With help from Sarah, I was able to find the strength and clarity to remove myself from a very difficult situation and was able to start a fresh life. Since then I have met my husband had a beautiful little girl and feel very content with life. Sarah has also helped with many other areas of my life such as pregnancy symptoms, labour, eczema to name but a few. Thank you!


Hazel, 38, London

I never really quite understood the point of homeopahty but I’ll try anything once…within reason!

Anyway, I was really stressed out, burnt out, getting ill all the time and not sleeping well. Add to that, I experienced something quite traumatic and you get the picture, I was a bit of a mess. An acquaintance had suggested I considered homeopathy. So, I looked into it.

I approached Sarah and we began the work. I see her once a month and we review how I’m doing and whether I need any remedies. Sarah is compassionate, humourous, discreet, supportive and straight-talking.

In the time I have been seeing her (just a few months) I’ve got my energy back, I’m more relaxed. I haven’t been ill in months and I’m sleeping like a baby. Add to that, I’m happier in myself, more confident and assertive, doing more of what I want and achieving more of what I want. I’m even considering a change of career!

Which reminds me, Sarah also works as a career coach. I highly recommend her!

Candis Cook, 69, USA

“I suffered with repeated bouts of sinusitis for years, in spite of three sinus surgeries. Over time, I developed strong reactions to the antibiotics prescribed. After I started working with Sarah, when I got my semi-annual sinus infection last fall, her treatment cleared it up with no antibiotics. And this spring? No sinus infection. Sarah is a gifted homeopath that works from her heart. She is able to tune in to patient symptoms and prescribe treatments that heal.”


VB, 36, London

“Sarah is a very gentle, sensitive and thorough therapist. She put me at ease from our very first appointment. She took whatever time was necessary to gain a clear understanding of my issues and showed a real professionalism as a homeopath. Our sessions were beneficial for me not just from a homeopathic point of view but from a general therapeutic standpoint as well. I strongly recommend her.”

SBS, 47, London

When I first went to see Sarah for what I thought was a superficial problem I had no idea that a journey would begin that would address my whole physical and emotional state. Sarah made me feel supported throughout this journey and at the end of it I emerged stronger, happier and able to deal with whatever life threw at me. Sarah's commitment to her patients is absolute, and her tenacity in finding the root of the problem is extraordinary.


Nadiia Titova, 31, London

I came to Sarah absolutely desperate. I was struggling with outbursts of anger and bouts of depression, as well as a constant headache and back pain, low energy and a complete lack of direction in my life. I had already tried yoga, running and coaching to solve these issues, but they did not help the physical and mental pain I was in.

The fist remedy Sarah prescribed made me feel much better in only a week - my physical pain disappeared and I become much, much calmer in my interactions. The remedies triggered a whole process of psychological and emotional healing, which led me to understand how I had got myself into my situation and to take responsibility for it, dealing with all my fears, and eventually doing what I really wanted with my life. And the most amazing thing, I become pregnant after many years of failing to conceive. Sarah's understanding of my problems and the remedies she prescribed were healing for me on every level. Thank you Sarah, for your brilliant work!

Lily, 52, Petersfield

"When I first went to see Sarah, I was in my early fifties. I had had no period for 7 months and had not been feeling myself for some time. I was no longer a morning person who would wake feeling motivated about the day, and who would go running. Instead I was really tired, couldn’t get out of bed, had put on weight, was craving unhealthy foods, and often had brain fog and dizziness, among many other symptoms.

As a result I was making mistakes at work, and generally had become really forgetful. Several times I ended up at the supermarket checkout with a fully trolley and no wallet!

The first thing Sarah did was get me to take a test, which showed I had high adrenal fatigue. And after my first consultation, she gave me some homeopathic remedies, that had an immediate effect. After 2 days my period came, and was completely normal, like the old days. Within a week I noticed that my fatigue was improving and I had the energy to go for a walk in the morning instead of feeling lethargic. My dizziness and brain fog gradually disappeared. My craving for sweets decreased considerably. Emotionally I felt more stable, less anxious, less tearful and more positive. My back and neck pain, headaches, tight chest, pounding heart, tingling hands and dry mouth all disappeared, or improved.

Sarah’s support helped me get my life back. I felt understood by her, as she is in menopause herself and knows what it’s like. Her thorough assessment helped me to understand what is happening with my body at this age. I highly recommend her as a homeopath and expert in menopause."

GM, 59, Italy

I came to Sarah with a few problems, many of which (e.g. early-morning weakness and apathy) were long-standing. My first consultation already felt like a healing process, as Sarah helped me open up about how I really felt. She listened carefully and with great empathy as I tried my best to describe my physical and psychological state. From then on, over the next few months, each new remedy or tweaking of an existing remedy, along with Skype follow-up sessions, helped me emerge from the mind-fog I'd been suffering for such a long time. I really looked forward to our sessions, and always felt I could speak honestly and from the heart. Sarah really listens, and this is a great gift. I would recommend her without any reservation and am very glad to have had her help at a difficult time in my life.

Female, 48, London

Sarah has been phenomenally supportive, helpful and healing for both my son (10) and myself. She has helped us through the death of my father, job loss, confidence and sleep pattern issues for my son. Sarah takes the time to understand the situation at hand and truly researches to find the right remedies and advice. She is also incredibly kind, responsive and professional. If you are considering trying a different path please consider homeopathy. It's transformational for both acute and more fundamental issues.



I have been going to see Sarah for over 2 years now. Sarah spends the time to really understand you and the issues you have gone to see her about. She Immediately knows what you need and is incredibly insightful, enabling her to go deeper into the problem. She'll ask me questions and I ’ ll think 'How does she know’! Her very carefully selected remedies cleared certain issues and I really noticed emotionally they calmed me down and stabilised me everyday. Sarah is gentle in approach, caring in nature and I highly recommend her on so many levels.


Salie Lewi, 41, UK/Belgium

Since a young age I occasionally experienced difficulty breathing, a condition that worsened to the point that I was taking steroid inhalers on a regular basis.

I made the decision to ask Sarah for help as I have always been a believer in homeopathy, alternative healing methods and treating a person as a whole rather than just the symptoms.

The clever plan to sign up for a 3 month treatment package enabled me to think long term as I realised that this was not going to go away just like that.

As Sarah monitored my progress adapting the scripts on my progress I always felt in safe hands. I trust her completely.

I have now reached a state of health that’s like night and day compared to when I started 9 months ago. You could say 9 months is a really long time but considering how much I have suffered from this condition during my entire lifetime this was to be expected.

We not only healed my lungs but also helped me get through a severely depleted emotional and physical state.<br />

So thank you Sarah, for your knowledge, commitment and expert homeopathic care.


Sarah, from Thrive Homeopathy is the best homeopathic professional in London and beyond. I am delighted I found her! She has helped me (and keeps helping me) with several physical and emotional issues, and the changes have been astonishing. She deeply cares and takes as much time as needed to get to the root of the issue. She has a great sense of humour and a down to earth approach that makes working with her a pleasure. She is very experienced and brings with her a wealth of resources from other fields as well, which makes a massive positive impact. It is being a journey since I first started homeopathy with her and I am in a much better place now. Homeopathy is a wonderful tool for healing and self-development, and Sarah is a master on it... you will be in the best hands!

Soraya Adams 37 London

Soraya Adams, 37 London

I originally went to Sarah through a very reliable recommendation - my friend who I live with had been seeing Sarah for about 3 months and the change in her was amazing. The initial complaints that I wanted to look at was my digestion, skin problems and weak bladder amongst various other issues.

I quickly connected with Sarah, she has a great combination of ease, forthrightness and empathy. This is perfectly balanced with her practicality and passion to get to the bottom of the problem in hand. This is what really struck me about Sarah; she truly loves what she does and you instantly know you’re in good hands.

Within 10 months we managed to work with and understand the initial physical issues. Through this, she also helped steer me through an emotional and spiritual journey by mainly working around my relationship with my Mum. As a result, things just started to fall into place. I have since started to re-train as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist along-side my current job and I am slowly re-establishing a relationship with my Mum. I firmly believe that my work with Sarah has created a shift in my awareness around myself and relationship with others. This amazing work has helped propel me to approach ideas and make changes in my life which I wouldn’t have dreamed of pursuing before.


Holly, 29

“I had suffered from chronic stomach pains every morning ever since returning from a trip to Africa. I had seen countless medical professionals and nothing made it better. I was referred to Sarah and over the course of 8 months we worked through various remedies that progressively made my stomach issues better. By the end of the 8 months, for the first time in years I was able to wake up free from pain. This was exactly what I had hoped for! What I hadn't expected, was the incredible emotional transformation that I would go for as a result of working with Sarah. Somehow Sarah help me uncover some very deep things about myself and the path I want to take in life. I feel like I healed from the inside out and found a totally new lease of life that I never knew I had before! Sarah is supportive, insightful and funny - I looked forward to my sessions with her every time. Whether you are seeking help with something physical or emotional - I can't recommend Sarah enough.”


Lise Abraham, 60, The Netherlands

“I have suffered form G.E.R.D. (acid reflux) for many years. Sometimes my symptoms were so bad that I couldn’t eat anything without getting a searing burning pain in my chest and feeling like I was having a heart attack. I have tried conventional medications, also natural food remedies, avoided eating and drinking many things and the symptoms would come and go and sometimes be mild and sometimes acute.

In December 2014 a friend of mine introduced me to Sarah. I filled out an extensive questionnaire and met with Sarah to go over my whole life experiences (which is very important in homeopathy) and started the remedies Sarah prescribed for me. My acid reflux started getting better within weeks and as time went on Sarah treated me for high cholesterol and for liver support, as I had a condition called "fatty liver", which was mild but needed to be kept an eye on.

Less than a year after being treated by Sarah, I have very few outbreaks of acid reflux. I can now drink a cup of coffee every day, something I was not able to do for years. I am more or less able to eat anything that I like without symptoms (within reason). Also my last blood test showed that my cholesterol went down 30 points since the last test 8 months previously, and my previously "fatty liver" ultrasound was normal.

My experience with homeopathy has been life-changing and I would recommend anyone to try this form of healing the body, as it is gentle and natural and easy to do. Sarah is fantastic and very caring and understanding of the human frailties.”

DB, 24, Dublin

Sarah is a born healer. She has the expertise and intuition that all good health professionals have, along with the warm and friendly manner that allowed me to feel comfortable talking to her at length about sensitive issues. She put any doubts or fears I had at ease right from the word go. When I first saw her I had chronic fatigue, constant nausea, constipation, bloating and frequent headaches. She helped my health improve in a truly holistic way, the improvement has been great and is still continuing even after I've finished seeing her. I would recommend her wholeheartedly, and I'm very thankful for all the help she's given me!


JA, 40, London

“It is a year ago or so, that I started to see Sarah for homeopathic treatment. Instantly, I felt she was very easy to talk to, kind and understanding. Homeopathy works in ways that I cannot explain easily and perhaps the results were unnoticeable at first. Now, I can tell very clearly that Sarah has brought me to a much happier place in life.”

CK, 47, London

“It was a wonderful experience that surpassed all my expectations. Sarah is pleasant, calming and extremely easy to talk to. I went to see her to treat my IBS, and 5 months later, I no longer suffer from IBS. I’m feeling 100%, not only physically but emotionally. During the sessions I uncovered things about myself and as a result have managed to make some very big and well overdue changes to my life. Give it a chance, you will not only feel so much better, but you will be surprised about how much you can learn about yourself, that could change your life for the better, too.”

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