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Homeopathy for stress & anxiety

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed & stressed out?
  • Do you worry excessively or have trouble sleeping?
  • Are you propping yourself up with caffeine & sugar?
  • Do you tremble, sweat, or get palpitations when stressed?

If you would like to relieve your stress naturally,  then you are in good company: Actress Michelle Collins uses homeopathy, as does actress and singer Alice Barlow, and TV presenter Stacey Dooley.

Conventional vs homeopathic. What's the difference?

The conventional medical approach to helping people when they are very stressed or anxious, is to prescribe anxiety medication and sleeping pills. But I believe these are not the only answer. They may make your symptoms go away, but often with unpleasant side-effects. And the real issue is they don't deal with the cause of your distress. So when you come off the meds, you are often back where you started. That’s where homeopathy comes in. It’s natural, with no side-effects, and addresses both the symptoms, as well as the root cause. It can also be taken alongside conventional medication, where necessary.

Homeopathy treats the root cause

The root cause of stressed, anxious feelings is different from person to person. It may be a shock, trauma, loss, bullying, or even the way you were parented. Sometimes, it originates in one of your parents or grandparents: Recent studies show ancestral trauma can affect descendants even two generations later. Different causes require different homeopathic medicines.

Cases of how homeopathy helped people who were stressed or anxious

There are more stories in my clients' own words on the Success Stories page.

Sexual harassment

D tried homeopathy when being sexually harassed at work had made her very anxious. She felt the immediate calming effect of the first remedy. Soon she was feeling more confident and relaxed, and able to defend herself.

Finding a new job

E was very anxious about finding a job. Though she was intelligent and had experience, she lacked confidence. It was affecting her digestion, sleep and emotional well-being. Homeopathy helped to calm her down, and build her confidence. Within 3 months she had started her ideal job. 

Relief from panic feelings

P's anxiety sometimes escalated into episodes of panic. These were triggered when she felt insecure around her boyfriend. Homeopathy was able to help her feel more secure, and make feelings of panic a thing of the past.

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Saying 'no'

J’s fear of displeasing others often made her say ‘yes’ to things she didn’t want to do, and feel anxious about her performance at work.  After only one month of homeopathy, J already found herself saying no to things she didn't want to do, even though she risked others’ disapproval. 

No more night terrors

In her twenties when she came to see me, L had suffered from terrible night terrors for as long as she could remember. Apart from disturbing her sleep badly, the fear she experienced was debilitating, and would leave her feeling exhausted. Within two weeks on homeopathy, she noticed them start to reduce in frequency and intensity. This improvement continued till they were no longer a problem.

Separation anxiety
S had never recovered from the trauma of being sent away to school as a child. Now as an adult, she still got very anxious and depressed when away from her parents. Homeopathy helped her to overcome this problem, helping her to feel less abandoned and anxious when away from her parents.
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