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Symptoms are good

This young woman sneezing into a tissue either has a cold or really bad allergies.

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Symptoms are good. I know this statement is a bit shocking, because it is so contrary to conventional thinking. We are brought up believing that symptoms are bad, and we should get rid of them at all costs. So why do homeopaths think symptoms are good? Because symptoms are what your system does to heal itself: They are the healing process.  Like a tightrope walker who waves his arms to re-establish his balance, so our system produces symptoms to re-establish its balance.


Take fever for instance. Fever is a symptom, that burns off infection.  And anger.  Anger is a symptom, which signals a boundary has been crossed. This concept views the body and mind as a vital, intelligent system, which can heal itself. Whereas the conventional view is of a machine, which cannot fix itself.  And all a homeopathic remedy does, is kick-start this amazing, self-healing system when it gets stuck.


So remember, next time you are ill, that your body is working hard to get you better by producing these symptoms. Help it.  Sleep.  Rest. And if you want to ramp up your body’s response, use homeopathy. You can learn how to self-prescribe remedies at my upcoming webinars. I’ll be teaching how to treat a variety of minor ailments, including dosage, frequency, and more. To express an interest in attending, please leave a comment below with your name, or email me at

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Sarah Davison

Sarah became a homeopath after 20 years in the commercial world, in sales and then innovation consulting. She combines her qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychology (Dip. Psych) and Coaching (Synectics & NLP), with homeopathy to provide an inside-out and outside-in approach to facilitating people’s health and wellbeing on all levels - physical, mental and emotional. She is Mum to a teenager, and loves to sing and paint in her spare time.

Free Discovery Call

A free 20 minute call for you to find out how homeopathy could help you,
and what to expect from working with me.

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Sarah Davison 
The Coaching Homeopath

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