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How to manage perimenopausal burnout without synthetic hormones

Waking every morning exhausted, Naomi struggled to get out of bed. Her energy rarely exceeded 3 out of 10 during the day, and always crashed during the afternoon. She was struggling with classic perimenopausal adrenal fatigue, which in her case showed up as exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia and mood swings. She had assumed her symptoms were…

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Ancestors. The Hidden Key to Successful Relationships

Ancestors: The Hidden Key to Successful Relationships

Did you know that struggling to have a fulfilling relationship is not just your ‘fault’? Did you know that your family history/ ancestors may play a big part in the problem? We are all born into the web of our family, whether they are still around or not; whether you are in contact with them…

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Detox with a Difference

  There’s always a lot of talk of detox, at this time of year. And the term ‘detox’ is used to indicate the clearing of physical toxins accumulated from eating things that are heavy on the liver – alcohol, rich food etc. So what would a detox with a difference be? It would be a…

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Symptoms are good

  Symptoms are good. I know this statement is a bit shocking, because it is so contrary to conventional thinking. We are brought up believing that symptoms are bad, and we should get rid of them at all costs. So why do homeopaths think symptoms are good? Because symptoms are what your system does to heal…

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Homeopathy at your fingertips with a kit

  As we enter the season of colds and flus, there is no better investment than a homeopathy kit. It has come in useful for so many of my clients. Take the woman who, out of the blue, had a terrible attack of cystitis. She was able (with a bit of help from me) to take…

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Homeopathy and the Mind-Body Connection

  In the US, more people die on Monday at 9 am of cardiovascular accidents than at any other time. And according to another study, depression has the same effect on life expectancy as smoking. It is hard to dispute the connection between mind and body in the face of statistics like these. Yet our…

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5 Remedies for Christmas Overindulgence

Christmas. Love it or hate it, it’s on its way. Christmas fayre and the general no-holds-barred attitude to eating, that seems to accompany the Christmas spirit (in both senses of the word) will take a heavy toll on our digestion.  Fine if yours is iron-clad, but mine is not.  So if you  also suffer when you…

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