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How to manage perimenopausal burnout without synthetic hormones


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Waking every morning exhausted, Naomi struggled to get out of bed. Her energy rarely exceeded 3 out of 10 during the day, and always crashed during the afternoon. She was struggling with classic perimenopausal adrenal fatigue, which in her case showed up as exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia and mood swings. She had assumed her symptoms were due to stress. Age 40, perimenopause was not on her radar, especially as she still had a regular period and no hot flushes.

This is a common mistake that many 40-something women perimenopausal adrenal fatigue make. I should know. I was one of them!

What is perimenopausal adrenal fatigue?

Firstly let’s define perimenopause, for those who are unfamiliar. It’s the 2-10 year period leading up to when your periods stop around approx. 50. Perimenopause can involve up to 49+ symptoms - a cluster of which constitute adrenal fatigue.

In perimenopause your adrenal glands have to work extra hard as your ovaries start to wind down from your late 30’s. If you are already stretched due to juggling children and/or a career and / or caring for elderly relatives, then these glands start the perimenopausal journey on the back foot, predisposing you to perimenopausal adrenal fatigue.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue are numerous and include feeling tired but wired (which can affect sleep), reduced tolerance for stress, back and neck pain, headaches, panic attacks, sugar and salt cravings, brain fog and many more.

Do’s & don’ts to manage perimenopausal adrenal fatigue

This is a holistic problem that needs a holistic solution. Diet and exercise approaches that were appropriate before perimenopause, may now be making the situation worse.

  1. DON’T do intermittent fasting if you are adrenally fatigued
  2. DON’T do hard exercise e.g. spinning or running etc if you are exhausted
  3. DO find ways to dramatically reduce stress, whether it be making fewer demands on yourself, managing others’ expectations, or learning to meditate; preferably all of the above.
  4. DO take sweet stuff, refined carbs and caffeine OUT of your diet. They rev up your adrenals, giving you an initial burst of energy, but in the long run making them even tireder.

By the time Naomi finished the natural menopause programme, she felt like a different person. Learning about lifestyle and nutrition made an enormous difference to her energy and stress levels.

If you would like to get back your energy and zest for life like Naomi, book in for a FREE, 30-minute, no-obligation Curiosity Call with me here

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Sarah Davison

Sarah became a homeopath after 20 years in the commercial world, in sales and then innovation consulting. She combines her qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychology (Dip. Psych) and Coaching (Synectics & NLP), with homeopathy to provide an inside-out and outside-in approach to facilitating people’s health and wellbeing on all levels - physical, mental and emotional. She is Mum to a teenager, and loves to sing and paint in her spare time.

Free Discovery Call

A free 20 minute call for you to find out how homeopathy could help you,
and what to expect from working with me.

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