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Perimenopause Hell Escape with Homeopathy

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A case of premenstrual symptoms in perimenopause

Anna was 44 when she came to see me. She was really struggling with pre-menstrual symptoms: She had headaches and sore, swollen breasts; felt so exhausted and weak she could barely get out of bed; her belly was bloated and painful; and she was extremely irritable, with outbursts of violent anger. 

In addition to her pre-menstrual symptoms, she also suffered from insomnia: She would often wake in the night either feeling hungry or with hot flushes and palpitations. Then worry about her work would keep her awake. She sometimes found it difficult to control her bladder.  And her anxiety and perfectionism were on overdrive, such that she could make life pretty difficult for her family and colleagues. She would often find herself crying for no reason, and some mornings would wake feeling so depressed, that she felt life was not worth living.

Perimenopause explained

Does any of that sound familiar? If it does, and you are a woman 35-55, then you may, like Anna, be experiencing the symptoms of perimenopause.  Perimenopause can last from 1-14 years. It is the phase when a woman’s ovaries start to wind down, in the lead-up to menopause proper. For many women, the resulting hormonal fluctuations and imbalances can lead to any of 47 possible symptoms. In addition to those that Anna had, in my consulting room I commonly see menstrual flooding, mood swings, dry skin, joint pain, weight gain, vaginal dryness, inability to cope with stress, fatigue, weight gain, relationship issues, skin pigmentation issues, and digestive problems such as constipation, pain and diarrhoea.

Perimenopause symptoms are common. Yet they often go unrecognised because of lack of knowledge. In one study, 56% of women aged 40-50 failed to recognise their symptoms as linked to menopause, with 39% believing they were too young, and 25% simply putting their symptoms down to stress. 38% sought help from a GP, though 25% said the possibility of the symptoms being menopause-related failed to come up in the consultation.

Homeopathy resolves the case

Back to Anna. Over the course of five months of homeopathic treatment, Anna’s symptoms gradually improved. All she experiences now before her period is a bit of impatience. Her physical symptoms have disappeared – no bloating, breast tension, headaches, anger or exhaustion. Emotionally, her husband has remarked on the difference in her. She says she is more patient with him now. And she is much calmer at work too. Her sleep is uninterrupted by flushes or hunger. And the pain in her knees has gone. Crying for no reason and waking depressed is a thing of the past. At her last consultation, she said: “I feel really good”. And of her homeopathic treatment: “It changed my life.” 

Sarah Davison

Sarah became a homeopath after 20 years in the commercial world, in sales and then innovation consulting. She combines her qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychology (Dip. Psych) and Coaching (Synectics & NLP), with homeopathy to provide an inside-out and outside-in approach to facilitating people’s health and wellbeing on all levels - physical, mental and emotional. She is Mum to a teenager, and loves to sing and paint in her spare time.

Free Discovery Call

A free 20 minute call for you to find out how homeopathy could help you,
and what to expect from working with me.

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