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What to Expect

What to expect depends on whether you join the group programme or do 1-1 treatment with me. Both happen online and 1-1 treatment will involve discussing your symptoms and many other aspects of your health, life, history, and personality.

You can find out more about which approach is best for your symptoms and budget, and check the chemistry by booking a free, 30-minute, no-obligation Curiosity Call using the red button at the bottom of this page.

Where & When

I consult online worlwide & face-to-face in London W2 (close to Paddington, Bayswater, Queensway, Lancaster Gate, and Royal Oak stations).

Monday & Tuesday - 09:30 - 19:00

Natural Menopause Treatment Options

Thrive 1-1 Treatment Programme £2000

This 6-month, 1-1, online treatment programme

will restore your wellbeing, (physical, mental and emotional) by integrating:

  • Advanced hormone testing using the DUTCH test
  • 1-1 bespoke homeopathic treatment x 6 sessions
  • 1-1 nutritional & lifestyle therapy with our Nutritionist x 2 sessions

Flourish Group Programme £1200

A 6-month, online group programme to help you regain your physical wellbeing and emotional

equilibrium. You'll navigate a curated pathway of pre-recorded, bite-size videos from me and 6 other experts in a range of mind and body approaches to relieving your menopause symptoms.

Over the course of the 6 months, you will learn and implement the 6 keys to peri & post-menopausal wellbeing:


  1. The Menopause Root Cause Method to help you identify and address the hidden root cause/s of your symptoms using diet, lifestyle
  2. Personalised homeopathic medicine to balance your hormones & increase your wellbeing
  3. Food to support your changing hormones
  4. Menopause-friendly exercise that suits your energy levels
  5. The Sleep CARE system that will help you wake refreshed every morning
  6. Stress mastery skills that will help reduce your sympotms via mindset, relationships and Mindfulness

             Free Curiosity Call

A free 30-minute chat with me to work out which of the options above best suits your symptoms and budget

 Free Guide to Natural Menopause

Not ready for a Curiosity Call yet? Download my free guide to the '7 Do’s & Don’ts of Natural Menopause'


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Sarah Davison 
The Coaching Homeopath

BSc (First Class Hons) Hom, LCHE,
RHom, MARH, Dip. Psych, BA.
07850 519373

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