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  Homeopathy for menopause

  • Are you struggling with hot flushes, dry skin, or insomnia?
  • Is vaginal dryness or loss of libido affecting your sex life?
  • Do you ever feel inexplicably anxious, tearful or down?
  • Curious about homeopathy for menopause?
happy healthy women in menopause

If so, then you have come to the right place. You no longer have to face the impossible choice between suffering, and flooding your body with synthetic hormones. Using homeopathy for menopause, a natural treatment, is a very effective way of restoring balance - physical, mental and emotional. In an observational study, 438 women across 8 countries were treated with homeopathy for menopausal hot flushes.  99% of the women reported the disappearance or lessening of their symptoms. These changes mostly took place within 15 days of starting homeopathic treatment. Another randomised, placebo-controlled trial with 133 women suffering menopausal depression compared homeopathy, the antidpressant fluoxetine and placebo. Results showed significant improvement in those who received homeopathy, both in their depression, and other menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes.


The menopause journey. What's it all about?

Somewhere between you mid 30's and mid 40's the menopause journey begins: Your sex hormones start to fluctuate and decline, in the lead-up (peri-menopause) to periods stopping (menopause). It’s like the ground under your house shifts. Cracks in the walls you had previously papered over, open up so you can no longer ignore them. Those 'cracks' might be physical, mental or emotional. Likely all three.


For example, if you have driven yourself too hard for too long, then you may find you can no longer cope with stress like you used to, and you become highly anxious, emotional, and exhausted. This is quite common, but rarely recognised as being related to peri-menopause. I know, because it happened to me at 46. The good thing is that it prompted me to find a new career - homeopathy. This is often the way with menopause: It provokes us to completely reevaluate and reimagine our life on many levels. And like the caterpillar that  liquifies and rearranges its cells in the chrysalis, we can emerge a butterfly from the process of menopause.


Homeopathy for menopause, a natural treatment

Homeopathy for menopause can help smooth out the bumps of the often tricky process of transforming into a butterfly. It can help with any or all of the 47 symptoms that can appear during the menopause years.  The beauty of homeopathy is it's natural, with no side-effects. It can be taken alongside HRT, if necessary. And can also be used to help you come off HRT, if that's what you want.


 My approach

I believe a multi-faceted, holistic approach works best. This is what I have found on my own menopause journey. So my approach involves the following elements:

  1. Homeopathy - remedies to manage physical, mental and emotional symptoms.
  2. Lifestyle changes - an essential part of dealing with menopause symptoms e.g. looking at how to reduce stress, incorporate diet and exercise changes etc.
  3. Education - be that sharing my professional knowledge, my personal experience of menopause, or suggesting books and courses.
  4. Coaching to understand the journey and to facilitate life changes that often come up during this phase.
Menopausal vaginal dryness

L’s vaginal dryness started in menopause and had got steadily worse. Aged 59, she experienced intense burning during intercourse, which had not responded to the conventional estradiol vaginal tablets. After only one month of homeopathy she reported being 90% better.

Perimenopausal hot flushes

At 50 , A’s periods had started to become irregular and as part of her peri-menopause, she was experiencing hot flushes. Within a few months on homeopathic remedies, hot flushes were a thing of the past.

Tearfulness, flooding & dry skin

At 46, M’s periods were irregular, prolonged, extremely heavy, and she had very dry skin. She also wasn’t handling stress very well, becoming unusually tearful. Within three months her periods had normalised, her skin had improved, and she was no longer tearful under stress.

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