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  Homeopathy for menopause

  • Are you struggling with hot flushes, weight gain, or fatigue?
  • Is vaginal dryness or loss of libido affecting your sex life?
  • Is your emotional state affecting your relationships?
  • Are stress and brain fog impacting your performance at work?
happy healthy women in menopause

Well, I have some good news for you. Help is at hand. It is possible to get back to feeling like yourself again without synthetic hormones. I am a Natural Menopause Expert, Homeopath & Coach. I and my team of other natural health & wellbeing practitioners are here to show you a better way - a natural way - to smooth your path through perimenopause and beyond.  Between us we use homeopathy, coaching, hormone testing, nutrition and education in all aspects of menopause self-care, from exercise to mindset, and managing relationships to mindfulness.


Can you imagine what would it feel like to.......
  • know you've found a natural solution that really works?
  • wake in the morning feeling refreshed and raring to go?
  • have a clear head so you can think straight at work?
  • go to bed knowing that you are going to sleep well?
  • have the energy to enjoy your life & your loved ones?
  • be in control of your emotions?
  • be calm & stress-free about everyday challenges?
  • be able to remember words and names?
  • be free of headaches, hot flushes, low mood, anxiety?
  • sail through your periods without flooding or pain?


Homeopathy for menopause, a natural treatment

Homeopathic Medicine

Using homeopathy for menopause is a very effective and natural way of restoring balance - physical, mental and emotional. In an observational study, 438 women across 8 countries were treated with homeopathy for menopausal hot flushes.  99% of the women reported the disappearance or lessening of their symptoms. These changes mostly took place within 15 days of starting homeopathic treatment.

It’s a common misconception that homeopathy for menopause involves taking herbs like Black Cohosh and Red Clover, when actually it’s something quite different. It does use natural substances, but they are ‘potentised’ i.e. serially diluted and shaken. These potentised ‘remedies’ stimulate your innate self-healing mechanism to restore hormonal balance and address the root cause of that imbalance, using the same principle as vaccination. The dilution factor means it has neither side-effects, nor interferes with conventional drugs if taken at the same time. And it can be used to help you come off HRT, if that's what you want.


Free webinar

I firmly believe knowledge is power, especially when it comes to menopause. So many women don't know what they don't know about menopause. Which is why I'd like to offer you a free download of my webinar: How to Escape Menopause Misery without Synthetic Hormones which discusses the little-known, but basic facts of menopause, and the simple, yet effective AEIOU method that can get you back to feeling like yourself again in under 6 months, without having to take synthetic hormones.


Free Test

I call perimenopause the 'hidden saboteur' because many women have no idea that they can experience a whole host of menopause symptoms while they still have a regular period in their forties. So if you are over 40, and have been struggling in any way - physically or emotionally -  check out whether you might be in perimenopause with this Free Perimenopause Test


Facebook Group

You may also like to join my private Facebook Group Natural Menopause, where I share lots of information and tips about how to manage menopause naturally.


If you choose to, you no longer have to put up with...
  • feeling lousy and tired all the time
  • worrying about having to go on HRT just so you can cope
  • feeling isolated because you can't talk about it to anyone
  • jeopardising your career or your relationship with loved ones


This is your life, and only you can change it for the better. Your symptoms are unlikely to get better by themselves...or not for several years anyway.  So the sooner you invest in your health and wellbeing, the sooner you can get back to feeling like yourself again, and enjoying life to the full! To see how many of my clients have done just that, read the case stories below.

Four ways to work with me

The Natural Menopause Transformation Programme

An online programme blending individual homeopathy consultations with hormone testing, nutrition and live group learning and support sessions - provided by our team of heatlh & wellbeing practitioners


The Thrive in Menopause Programme

An online programme integrating hormone testing with individual homeopathy consultations and nutritional and lifestyle treatment from our Nutritional Therapist.


The Menopause Clarity Programme

An online assessment and learning programme to help you gain insight into the unique pattern and root causes of your menopause symptoms and how to address them naturally.


One-to-one Homeopathic Treatment & Coaching Packages

A choice of packages of monthly, online, homeopathy and coaching consultations and homeopathic prescriptions to relieve your menopause symptoms and improve your overall wellbeing


Homeopathy for menopause - some client case stories

Insomnia & low mood

After 5 months of homeopathic treatment, all Z’s symptoms disappeared: Insomnia with
palpitations & hot flushes; PMS with anger, low mood, tearfulness, breast pain and headaches. In
her words “homeopathy has changed my life!”

Headaches, anxiety & tears

50-year old T was easily overwhelmed and anxious when she came to see me, with headaches,
hot flushes, tearfulness and vaginal dryness. Her symptoms were affecting her relationship with
her husband. After 6 months all these symptoms were better.

Days lost to PMS & periods

C was losing several days a month to pre-menstrual brain fog, lethargy, tearfulness and
irritability; and then to a painful, heavy and exhausting period. 6 months later, all her symptoms
are better and she has got those days back.

Exhaustion & back pain

J was exhausted with many signs of perimenopausal adrenal fatigue, including back pain, dry
mouth, tingling hands, and stabbing pain behind her eyes. She noticed a shift in the first couple
of weeks, and is now so much better.

Breast pain & irritability

38-year-old Rita had many symptoms of early perimenopause. Super-heavy, exhausting & painful
periods, with intense breast pain and irritability for half the month. 6 months of homeopathic
treatment and she is pain-free and calm.

PMS with anger & depression

Every month L felt a black cloud descend in the week before her period. She felt worthless,
depressed, with intense anger, which she would take out on her loved ones. Now she barely
notices her period coming.

Menopausal vaginal dryness

L’s vaginal dryness started in menopause and had got steadily worse. Aged 59, she experienced intense burning during intercourse, which had not responded to the conventional estradiol vaginal tablets. After only one month of homeopathy she reported being 90% better.

Perimenopausal hot flushes

At 50 , A’s periods had started to become irregular and as part of her peri-menopause, she was experiencing hot flushes. Within a few months on homeopathic remedies, hot flushes were a thing of the past.

Tearfulness, flooding & dry skin

At 46, M’s periods were irregular, prolonged, extremely heavy, and she had very dry skin. She also wasn’t handling stress very well, becoming unusually tearful. Within three months her periods had normalised, her skin had improved, and she was no longer tearful under stress.

Free Discovery Call

A free 20 minute call for you to find out how homeopathy could help you,
and what to expect from working with me.

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