The 3 Causes of Illness: No. 2 – Constitution

So far, in this series about the three causes of illness, I have given an overview of the causes and introduced the basics about the homeopathic view of health and disease. Then last month, I looked at the first cause – inheritance – how diseases, and traumas that our ancestors had, can affect us several generations later.


In this blog, I want to talk about “Constitution”. Constitution, for a homeopath, is the physical, mental and emotional make-up that you were born with. It dictates your temperament and your build: It’s your base state. And in everyone’s base state there will be inherent strengths and weaknesses. In this way, people are like boats. Different boats have different weaknesses e.g. rowing boats are susceptible to capsizing in rough water and can’t go far from the shore; whereas ocean liners can go long distances in deep water and through storms, but have a weakness around shallow water and icebergs. Sail boats on the other hand, are susceptible to a lack of wind, etc.


Humans, in the same way, are susceptible to certain types of illness depending on their constitution. e.g. you may be someone who has always had a tendency to coughs, while someone else may be susceptible to eczema, and yet another to constipation etc. So understanding your constitution will help a homeopath choose the right remedies for you and know what specifically will strengthen your system in its areas of weakness.



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